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Posted On: 2019-10-11 00:00:00

RTI International is seeking part-time employees to administer a school-based computerized assessment for the Middle Grades Longitudinal Study of 2017 (MGLS:2017) and complete out-of-school parent and student prompting and interviewing at homes. We prefer to hire employees with previous classroom, school, teaching, and/or field interviewing experience.

RTI International is seeking part-time employees to administer a school-based computerized assessment for the Middle Grades Longitudinal Study of 2017 (MGLS:2017) and complete out-of-school parent and student prompting and interviewing at homes. We prefer to hire employees with previous classroom, school, teaching, and/or field interviewing experience. This round of data collection is mainly a follow-up to the first round that was completed in 2017-2018, but we do have some new schools that are brand new to the study. Session Facilitators (SFs) will be responsible for administering in-school computerized assessments of students who are primarily enrolled in the eighth grade as well as contacting parents via both phone and in-person to complete the student assessment and parent interview. This position is part time, offering approximately 5-20 hours/week. Some weeks during the assessment period will not have any hours due to school and assessment schedules and/or a lack of field cases. Some overnight travel may be necessary depending on the location of the schools and cases. The position is scheduled to begin with training in December 2019. The project is scheduled to continue through approximately mid-June/July 2020 (as needed and depending on school schedules and the number of remaining field cases). We are looking for individuals able to work during the school day, specifically early morning hours through mid-afternoon. Some schools will be a significant drive from the employee s home. The employee should be prepared to leave several hours early to arrive at the school 1 hours before the session start time. Individuals applying for the position should be tech savvy and upon the completion of training, be able to set up approximately 40 student Chromebooks through an access point that allows the Chromebooks to access the internet and launch the student assessments and survey. Individuals should also feel comfortable using a project laptop to receive and transmit student and parent cases, update a web-based system with details about the session, send email, and complete time and expense reports. Applicants should also be available to work in-field parent and student cases, prompting them, gaining their cooperation and completing the student session and/or parent interview. Some distance driving (within a 2-hour radius) may be needed, depending on the location of the cases. Qualified candidates should be available to work through the duration of the project.


* Be available to work up to 20 hours per week to administer in-school computerized assessments and out-of-school parent interviews/student sessions during the data collection period.

* Must be able and willing to work primarily early mornings through mid-afternoon on weekdays for in-school work and evening and weekends for the out-of-school cases.

* Must be available for a variable work schedule, as dictated by school assignments and out-of-school cases, including overnight travel to conduct session administration and prompting/interviewing in out-of-area schools and/or student and parent cases.

* Must adhere to a schedule dictated by supervisor and the school that ensures student sessions are conducted and out-of-school parent and student cases worked in a timely fashion.

* Must conduct valid, high quality in-person administrations in compliance with all project protocols covered at training and documented in the project manual.

* Must be able to use a project laptop to enter session information into a project system, often times transferring it from a hardcopy version into the electronic version. Must be able to view and analyze electronic reports, enter electronic time and expense information, and send and receive email.

* Must be able to set up an access point to establish connectivity to the student Chromebooks. Must be fully familiar with this process after the in-person training and know how to troubleshoot when the Chromebooks do not connect. Must be quick on your feet to solve technical issues.

* Must be able to move Chromebooks from one location to another in a school that may have stairs (cases weigh -55 lbs., have wheels and have a retractable handle to pull them).

* Must be able to read text verbatim from paper documents and the computer.

* Must be willing to visit parents and students in-person, prompt them, and gain their cooperation for the student assessment and parent interview. Some interviewing will be required for the student session as well as with the parent interview.

* Must record call information in the computer when contacts or attempted contacts are made as well as record event and status codes as appropriate.

* Must be able to read questions verbatim from a laptop, probe the parent when an answer is unclear, and record the response in the computer.

* Must be able to promptly transmit data when cases are worked and records of call are entered.

* Must report progress and problems to your supervisor during weekly conference calls and/or as needed. After each school session, you must debrief your FS over the phone on the details of the in-school data collection.

* May be asked to contact or visit a school or district to gain cooperation or convert a few refusal. These schools will be reviewed by project staff and if you are local to them, you may be asked to meet with a principal or district personnel.

* Must assume full responsibility for use and care of the computers, taking reasonable and appropriate steps to safeguard against damage, loss, or theft, and returning the laptop at the conclusion of the MGLS:2017 assignment or at a supervisor s request.

* Must keep all project information confidential and maintain data security.

* Must have the ability to complete all required activities in a professional manner, while maintaining the integrity of all information acquired.

* Must maintain a professional, cooperative relationship with your supervisor, other project staff and school staff, objectively sharing your thoughts while displaying an understanding of project management s concerns.

* Must be receptive not defensive when given feedback from project personnel about your performance. Employees must strive to learn and improve.


* High school graduate or GED. Some college preferred.

* One year of experience directly or indirectly related to teaching, working with children in schools, working with children with disabilities, and/or field interviewing is preferred.

* Personal automobile available for business use, as required (even if you live in a city with good public transit, you may be required to travel to schools/homes with project equipment in the suburbs and therefore must have your own transportation).

* A valid driver s license and automobile insurance as required by your state.

* Effective interpersonal and verbal communications skills.

* Experience using computers and competent with common internet and computer applications.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. Further information is available here.