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Allegiant Home Care Great Benefits! Paid Vacation, Health Benefits, 401K Jacksonville, FL JOB DESCRIPTION Title of Position: ADMINISTRATOR Title of Immediate Supervisor: GOVERNING BODY Risk of Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens: LIMITED to MODERATE Duties The Administrator is a qualified full-time employee appointed by the Governing Body to administer, direct and coordinate all administrative and financial activities of the Home Health Agency. Responsibilities* Supervises the entire organizational operation and directly supervises the Director of Nursing.* Plan, organize, direct and evaluate operations to ensure the provision of adequate and appropriate care and services.* Comply with applicable laws and regulations.* Undertake fiscal planning by budgeting and managing operations in accordance with established fiscal parameters.* Implement governing body directives and ensure the implementation of organizational policies and procedures, as well as the development and implementation of appropriate service policies.* Implement governing body directives and organizational policies and procedures.* Recruit, employ and retain qualified personnel to maintain appropriate staffing levels.* Establish and maintain effective channels of communication.* Ensure staff development including orientation, in-service education, continuing education and evaluation of staff.* Direct and monitor organizational Performance Improvement activities.* Assure that skilled nursing and other therapeutic service furnished are under the supervision and direction of a physician or Registered Nurse.* Assure appropriate staff supervision during all operating hours.* Assure the development and qualifications of professional services and the assignment of personnel.* Completes performance evaluations on subordinate staff in accordance with Agency policy.* Plans, develops, implements, administers and evaluates program.* Assures appropriate staff supervision during all operating hours.* Appoint a similarly qualified alternate to be available at all times during operating hours in the absence of the Administrator.* Inform the governing body, staff and professional advisory group of current organizational, community and industry trends.* Acts as the Privacy Officer.* Serves as the agencys Disaster Coordinator and is in charge as the Safety Liaison during an emergency as required in 408.821(1), F.S.* Acts as corporate compliance office and assumes responsibilities described in the agency corporate compliance plan.* Acts as the HIPAA Privacy Officer. Continuing Program Evaluation* Participate in the review, analysis and appraisal of the effectiveness of the total Agency program.* Evaluate service policies and functions, and recommend proposals for change or study of problems which affect the Agency.* Evaluate the performance of the individuals in the program to establish standards and the individuals professional development.* Implement all utilization review activities.* Coordinate the timely implementation of corrective action plans and controls. Meets Federal, State and Accreditation Requirements* Be familiar with federal, state and accreditation regulations and maintain them in the Agency.* Be responsible for familiarizing the employees with all laws and regulations, and make available copies of the rules available for their use.* Be responsible for the completion, maintenance and submission of such reports and records as required.* Designate a professional employee to be his/her authorized representative in his/her absence.* Maintain a current organizational chart to show lines of authority to the patient level.* Clearly identify public services provided by the Agency in the geographic area in which these services are available.* Maintain office facility for the Agency which is large enough for efficient staff work, adequately equipped, and which provides for a safe working environment, meeting local ordinances and fire regulations.* Ensure the accuracy of Public information materials and activities. Ensure the Accuracy of Public Materials* Ensure the accuracy of public information materials and activities.* Develops cooperative relationships with other agencies for the exchange of information and services and with community agencies to foster an understanding of Agency programs.* Contract local, state and national associations and participate in meetings and conventions. Job Conditions* Position is stressful in terms of meeting deadlines.* It requires minimal lifting of office records and printouts.* It is primarily a desk job which essentially involves sitting, standing, stooping and walking, as well as an inordinate amount of telephone communication.* Travel is required, by care or airplane to local, out-of-town or state seminars, conferences or meetings.* The ability to communicate well, both verbally and in writing is required.* Must be able to read type that is 12 point or larger. Equipment Operation The ability to utilize a PC, calculator, tablet, cellular phone, multi-line telephone and other related office equipment is required. Company Information Has access to all patient medical records and patient financial accounts, personnel records and Agency financial records, which may be discussed with all management staff, including the Governing Body. Qualifications* A licensed Physician, Physician Assistant or Registered Nurse licensed to practice in this state who has 1 year of supervisory or administrative experience in the following areas:* Home Health Care* Hospital licensed under Ch 395, F.S.* Ambulatory surgical center licensed under Ch 395, F.S.* Nursing home licensed under Ch 400, Part II, F.S.* Assisted living facility licensed under Ch 429, F.S.* Must have a criminal background check and an OIG check. Condition of Employment and/or Continued Employment It is the policy of the Company to maintain a drug-free workplace as a condition of employment and/or continued employment. All employees and job applicants must abide by the terms of this policy.