Journeyman Electrician-Licensed

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Job DescriptionBasic Requirements· Journeyman, electrician· Working knowledge of Hart Communicator 475· Ability to use a 789 Fluke Process Meter· Associates degree in instrumentation and electrical is desirable· Local to the La Porte areaKey Result Area: SafetySupporting Goal: To assist in having zero accidentsPerformance Standards: The job will have been done well when the individual: 1. Completes every project injury free.2. Complies with every safety policy at all times.3. Ensures that every time an injury occurs a supervisor has been immediately notified.4. Identifies all potential hazards at the job site(s) and preventative measures have beendeveloped.5. Participate in preparation for TSA’s, JSA’s and comply with the plan.6. Upon moving to a new job assignment “REQUEST” a new TSA and JSA.7. Wears all necessary safety equipment at all times.8. Complies completely with the harness policy of wearing a harness and tying off intwo places anytime he/she is off the ground four feet or more.Key Result Area: Technical SupportSupporting Goal: To have knowledge of electrical power and control.Performance Standards: The job will have been done well when the individual:1. Demonstrates the ability to remove electrical components.2. Demonstrates the ability to install electrical cables.3. Demonstrates the ability to install cable into the cable glands.4. Demonstrates the ability to plan and install electrical raceways.5. Demonstrates the ability to perform terminations of all types including branch circuitterminations.6. Demonstrates the ability to read blueprints, schematics and functional drawings.7. Demonstrates the understanding of 1 phase and 3 phase circuits.8. Identifies and corrects function problems on equipment (troubleshooting).9. Demonstrates the ability to lead helpers on small tasks.10. Demonstrates the ability to do a material takeoff of tasks/projects as well as complete a layout of work. This will require the understanding of all materials and tools needed to complete a task/project. This also requires the knowledge of where to install mounting devices.11. Demonstrates the knowledge of necessary technical skills of MCCs, Switchgear, transformers, panel boards and power distribution.12. Demonstrates the understanding of necessary documentation.13. Demonstrates the understanding of Company Quality Standards and Safety Standards and abides by them.14. Ensures that all functions of individual components meet client specifications. Tool Requirements
  • Electrician
  • Tape Measure
  • Crimper (Insulated and Non-Insulated)
  • Torpedo Level
  • Flashlight
  • Small Socket Set 3/8 Drive
  • Hacksaw
  • #430 Channel Locks
  • Meter Volt/Ohm/AC/DC 600V
  • Knife for Stripping Wire
  • #440 Channel Locks
  • High Leverage Wire Cutters (Rabbit Ears)
  • Set of Nut Drivers (1/4” – 1/2”)
  • #460 Channel Locks
  • Phillips Screwdriver (#1 & #2)
  • Set of Termination Screwdrivers
  • 6” & 12” Crescent Wrenches
  • 9” Lineman Pliers (Side Cutters)
  • Dikes (Offset Preferred)
  • Hammer
  • Allen Wrenches (Small & Large Sets)
  • 12” or 18” Pipe Wrench
  • Wire Stripper
  • (2) Straight Blade Screwdrivers
  • 1/4” to 3/4” Wrenches (Boxed and Open Combination)Key Result Area: Physical RequirementsSupporting Goal: To be physically capable of performing the essential functions of thejob.Performance Standards: The job will have been done well when the following hasbeen demonstrated:1. The ability to stand long periods of time during any shift.2. The ability to bend and stoop for long periods of time during any shift.3. The ability to lift and carry 50 pounds when required during any shift.4. The ability to work around dust and debris and wear a respirator if required.5. The ability to wear proper safety equipment such as, hard-hat, goggles, safety toe boots, gloves, nomex, harness, etc.6. The ability to grip, grasp or twist using your hands and wrists regularly during your shift.7. The ability to work overtime up to 7-12’s if required.8. The ability to reach over your head with 25-35 pound loads regularly during any shift.9. The ability to read/understand hazardous communication, packing slips, work orders, change orders, etc.10. The ability to work out of town for extended periods of time.11. The ability to climb stairs, ramps, etc. on a regular basis.12. The ability to work at heights at 100 feet13. The ability to work in confined spaces during any shift.14. The ability to crawl on your knees regularly during any shift.15. The ability to pull electrical cable for extended periods of time.16. The ability to work in extreme cold or heat on a regular basis. CharacteristicsQualified candidates are required to:· Journeyman License and working knowledge of Hart Communicator 475 and 789 Fluke Process Meter· Working knowledge of NEC code and industrial work inclusive of civil, mechanical, electrical & instrumentation· Have a High School Diploma or GED and five (5) years of supervisory experience· Ability to understand and follow safety rules, policies, procedures and regulations.· Ability to read construction drawings and specifications, troubleshoot and start up equipment· Effective communication skills and the ability to work as a team to jointly carry out assigned tasks.· Be a dependable team player· Have a sense of urgency to get the job done right and on budget· Display an attention to detail· The successful candidate will also have solid written and verbal communication skills, the ability to read blueprints, and familiarity with Microsoft Outlook. Key Result Area: MiscellaneousSupporting Goal: Handle all miscellaneous request in a professional manner.Performance Standards: The job will have been done well when the individual: 1. Never takes advantage of opportunities to make personal calls.2. Never participates in any company gossip.3. Always help on any projects when necessary.4. Never accept favors from clients, coworkers, and/or vendors for any profit of your own.5. Never discuss compensation with anyone.6. Present yourself in professional manner at all times.7. Keep Prime business within Prime management structure. Company DescriptionCaliber Solutions is a company founded on experience and has brought professional excellence to the electrical trade. We have a superb reputation in leadership, knowledge, talent and a remarkable track record for our clients. Kellye Badon, the owner and president, arrives with a WBE certified company defining her lofty goals of leadership and direction to the electrical industry. Caliber is the market's premium choice.