Process Engineer in Louisville, KY

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Posted On: 2017-11-20 08:00:00

<span>Process Engineer will provide oversight and support to the program/project manager. <br>Responsibilities include all aspects of Quality Assurance activities on the program/project. This Process Engineer must be able to:<br><ul>
<li>Provide an objective, independent view of the quality of the products and execution of procedures. </li><li>Review and provide QA approval of project documentation (deliverables and work products) and system/software engineering documentation.</li><li>Conduct and report on process audits and product reviews. </li><li>Provide QA/QC support to product evaluation, test witnessing or approval of product acceptance testing. </li><li>Develop and implement project Quality Plans, and may provide support to metrics/measurement collection and reporting.</li><li>Review technical documents and reports, and coordinate with project teams including program/project management, systems engineers, system and software architects, developers and testers. </li><li>Coordinate and collaborate on projects within project team and/or end users. </li><li>Work with the project manager to implement the goals and processes required to attain CMMI Level 2/3 compliance.</li></ul>
<B>&nbsp;</B><br><B>REQUIRED EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS:</B><br><ul>
<li>The candidate must hold at least a Bachelor&#39;s degree in an engineering or technical field, preferably software; or equivalent domain experience. At least 7 years of management/engineering experience; at least 4 years of experience in Quality Assurance or Process Engineering.</li><li>Experience and knowledge of the CMMI model, ISO, Six Sigma, and/or ITIL .</li><li>System/software development lifecycles and experience working on system/software development projects is very important.</li><li>Must possess strong interpersonal skills and communication skills to support working with teams and reviewing and auditing project work. &nbsp;Possess good communication and writing skills for reviewing documentation and writing audit plans and audit reports.</li></ul>