Veterans Fundraising Event Host

The National Remember Our Troops Campaign

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Posted On: 2017-11-18 06:00:00

Would you like to work independently but still have access to a great support team? By joining our team at NROTC, you will earn income AND contribute to a very noble cause " helping veterans who have fallen on hard times. The National Remember Our Troops Campaign is a 501(c)(3) military and veterans charity providing assistance to homeless veterans. We are the face behind the "Cards for Troops" program, which has been proven effective in suicide prevention in both veterans and active military members. NROTC is also proactive in combatting stress and PTSD, helps veterans in need with assistance in expediting claims, and partners with the VA and other organizations at Operation Reveille Stand Downs across the country, where we provide homeless veterans with informational resource cards, hygiene packs, blankets and NROTC Comfort Pillows. During times of volunteer shortages, NROTC hires paid representatives for this fundraising position; however, we will not let you go even if we have a sudden surge or surplus of volunteers. Obviously, we love hiring veterans whenever we can, but being a veteran is not a prerequisite for the position. Currently, we are looking for very motivated, compassionate, independent individuals to serve as Fundraising Event Hosts. Applicants should live within and/or be willing to travel up to 20 miles one-way to get to areas that have several businesses such as grocery stores, convenience stores, and superstores, and that have at least an average population density. If you live in a rural area with sparse population and businesses, you will not be successful at this job due to the simple fact that rely on locations such as these for our fundraising events. If you are seeing this ad posted in an area that would not qualify due to scarce population or businesses, please accept our apologies for wasting your time reading this ad; we simply are not as familiar with your area as you are. ABOUT THE JOB: Preparing for and overseeing fundraising tables at venues such as festivals, bike shows, supermarkets, trade shows, grocery stores, restaurants, gun shows, convenience stores, gas stations, department stores, etc. Same-day-as-event expense reimbursement for any required supplies (including gas mileage at 25 per mile), up to 60 miles round-trip, limited up to 20% of an events donations. 30% commission on collected donations " paid in cash same day as event. This is an Independent Contractor Position. If you are seeing this ad and it is accompanied by a stated salary or hourly amount, NROTC did NOT authorize a salary or hourly rate with this ad. THIS JOB IS A COMMISSION-ONLY JOB, meaning that there is NO salary or hourly pay. Unfortunately, we cannot control whether a web site shares our information with another web site, who then in turn adds information not originally authorized by NROTC. SOME OF THE PERKS: No office to check into; however, you must stay in touch with your Regional Manager at regular intervals and respond to all correspondence. Self-scheduling. Work around another job or obligations! Every week you will update your availability with NROTC. We will ONLY book you for events during the days/times you state you are available. Bring your family to events! Work as little or as often as you choose. Well take whatever you can give us, and work very hard to keep you busy during the days of your stated availability. Cash paid daily. Our reps are fortunate enough to be able to pay themselves in cash (as well as reimburse themselves for event-related expenses) after each event before sending the remaining donations to NROTC. Immediate pay every time you work! REQUIREMENTS: Must own your own mobile phone. Must have texting capabilities Must have an active voice mailbox where we can leave a message if necessary This must be YOUR phone. It cannot be a borrowed phone. Must be willing to speak over the phone. No candidate will advance through the hiring process without a phone interview. Must be 18+ years of age. Must have easy access to reliable transportation. Must have easy access to a color printer or be willing to print materials at an office supply store. Must have easy access to internet and a personal email account you check daily. Must have access to a portable, collapsible table or be willing to purchase one (for which you will be reimbursed per NROTC guidelines after your first event). Must be able to pass a background check. Due to the cash nature of the work you will be doing, we cannot enter into a contract with anyone who has been convicted of fraud. There are also certain other offenses that will affect your eligibility. We do NOT, however, run credit checks. Must be legally employable in the United States. If you have questions or wish to apply, call Lisa Sietsma at (570)239-7541.