Quality Systems Specialist

Fuyao Automotive North America

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Job Description Job Functions and responsibilities 1. System establishment and implementation 1.1 Collect domestic and international standards and regulations regarding quality management system, convert, distribute and utilize them; 1.2 Assist company management in establishing, implementing and maintaining quality management system according the requirement of related party;1.3 Strictly supervise the implementation of quality system, timely find and solve problems and report to supervisor. 2. System documents preparation and management 2.1 Assist in preparing, managing and perfecting quality management documents;2.2 Participate in preparing quality control system, standard and specification;2.3 Classify, archive, maintain and update system documents. 3. System review and improvement3.1 Report the implementation performance of quality management system to company management;3.2 support for the annual audit of quality management system and participate in second-party review;3.3 Assist with the top management in holding review meeting regularly;3.4 Organize and control the implementation process of corrective and preventive actions and verify the implementation effectiveness.4. System certification management4.1 support for reviewing procedure documents and organize the work in quality management system certification;4.2 support for coordinating and communicating with third-party quality certification institution.5. Other works relating to quality assurance 5.1 Participate in supplier quality system review and process audit;5.2 Organize and cultivate quality system internal audit team;5.3 Conduct quality management education and training, provide consulting and service, and summarize and promote the advanced experience. Basic RequirementsCertificationTS16949 Internal AuditorEducation Bachelor degree or above (The management major is preferred and mechanical and electrical major is second) Basic Qualifications Basic skills 1. Proficient in using Microsoft Office software Word, Excel, Power Point;2. Proficient in reading English materials;Training Required 1. Trained for internal auditor in TS16949 quality system (including five handbooks), ISO14001 and OHSAS18001;2. Trained in process audit of automobile industry;3. Trained in project management;4. Trained in lean production system;Experience1. Experienced in field management over one year and internal audit/quality management for more than three years;2. Have solid and systematic thinking method and flexible logical thinking ability;3. Have strain capacity in complex environment;4. Relatively better communication ability; Professinal QualificationsProfessional Knowledge1. Manufacturing principle and technological process of glass;2. Principle of main equipment;3. Systematic knowledge of TS16949 quality management system;4. Systematic knowledge of ISO14001/OHSAS18001 management system;5. Customers' special requirements (partially to the system)6. Various methods and tools of six sigma;7. Systematic knowledge of lean production. Professional Skills1. Use system knowledge, customers' requirements and actual operation to optimize the company's process;2. Use project management skill to lead and promote various management activities;3. Use six sigma methods and tools to analyze and solve problems (SPC, FMEA, MSA)4. Use lean production to improve process and efficiency;5. Use systematic methods to solve management problems. Company DescriptionFuyao Automotive North America Incorporated (FANA) is in the general warehousing and glass manufacturing industry in Plymouth MI. We provide automotive glass for the North America market and currently have glass manufacturing relationships with some of the top automotive manufacturers in North America including GM, Honda, Chrysler, Kia, BMW and Hyundai. We operate several production lines for a variety of vehicle models from each of these automotive manufacturers. Our Parent CompanyFuyao Glass Industry Group Co. Ltd. (FYG) is a leading international manufacturer of automotive and industrial glass located in the Republic of China. The company has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since 1993 and employs more than 8,000 people in China, Hong Kong, Europe, Australia, Russia and the United States. Being the largest automotive glass supplier in China, FYG controls over 60% share of Chinese OEM market and over 30% share of Chinese replacement market. Fuyao customers in China are some of the leading automotive manufacturers in the world including GM, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Audi, Volkswagen, Citroen, and Mercedes-Benz to name a few.

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