Construction Engineer


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Posted On: 2017-10-23 15:00:00

CAREER OPPORTUNITY Construction Engineer
Location: Connecticut Reference #: 91353
Compensation: Grade: F Salary Range: Min: $73,518 / Mid: $91,654
Metro-North Railroad reserves the right to remove this posting prior to the Application Deadline. MTA Metro-North Railroad is a dynamic organization, operating out of the jewel of New York City, Grand Central Terminal. We provide service to over 82 million customers annually, traveling in and out of New York and Connecticut. A subsidiary of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Metro-North Railroad is the busiest commuter railroad in the nation. MTA Metro-North Railroad strives to provide a safe commute, great service to its customers and rewarding opportunities to its employees. POSITION OBJECTIVE Assist with the coordination and management of the construction phase of Capital Projects in Connecticut, and any other construction work on railroad property, protecting the Company's interests and ensuring the safety of all aspects thereof. Assist with implementation of the Connecticut Department of Transportation's (CDOT) Capital Program with the CDOT project managers and engineering staff. Ensure that the appropriate requirements and regulations of Metro-North are met, within the scope of all work performed. RESPONSIBILITIES Actively participate as a member of the staff that manages and coordinates Capital Projects in Connecticut involving structures, buildings and stations, bridges, tunnels and tracks. Review construction procedures and provide technical supervision of contractor's work on Capital Projects. Keep senior management informed as to completion progress, schedule and budget. Manage and coordinate with the consultant's and contractor's field personnel on Capital Projects. Represent MNR at job meetings with contractors and CDOT representatives. Inspection construction work by contractors to assure compliance with contract documents and to ensure safety. Oversee the work of construction representatives and railroad inspectors. Coordinate construction procedures for work involving the force account and railroad operations and represent the railroad at various meetings. Review all design plans and specifications and construction work procedures for projects prepared by third party consultants working for CDOT, including those projects submitted by municipalities and Individuals and Corporations (I&C). REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS Familiarity, or the ability to become familiar, with pertinent design and construction techniques, procedures and safety standards. Familiarity, or the ability to become familiar, with transportation operations and/or other applicable civil/structural construction experience. Develop strong management and coordination skills to plan, coordinate, supervise and implement CDOT Capital Projects. Develop strong verbal and written communication skills. Personal abilities of self-starter and persistence are essential and the ability to motivate others to work together in a coordinated manner. Attention to details with adherence to deadlines. Develop the ability to coordinate and manage multiple projects concurrently. Develop the ability to interact with internal/external customers. Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and/or comparable PC applications. Familiarity with Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling using Primavera Project Planner and/or comparable applications. Familiarity with project and construction management and with construction contracts. Familiarity, or the ability to become familiar, with American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association (AREMA), American Institute of Steel Construction, American Concrete Institute and other common engineering codes. Must possess a valid driver's license. Able to respond to an emergency on a twenty-four (24) hours a day / seven (7) days per week basis as required. PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS Knowledge of the operating railroad, Metro-North, CDOT and MTA corporate and organizational structures. Engineer-in-Training Certificate REQUIRED EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil/Structural Engineering and/or related field. Minimum five (5) years of experience in design, analysis, and construction of structural areas including stations, buildings, bridges, tunnels and track (or successful completion of MNR Associate Engineer Program). Minimum of three (3) years of project management experience and managing professionals (or successful completion of MNR Associate Engineer Program). OTHER INFORMATION This is a safety sensitive position and subject to toxicological testing. As an employee of Metro-North Railroad you may be required to complete a New York State financial disclosure statement, if you earn more than $95,534.00 or if you hold a position designated as a policy maker. SELECTION CRITERIA To be selected for a position, an applicant must: (1) meet the minimum requirements in the job posting, (2) pass a written examination (if applicable), (3) satisfy a background investigation (which includes credit, if applicable), and (4) pass an oral interview, during which the interviewers will further evaluate the applicant's qualifications for the position. Because the selection process is competitive, not all qualified applicants are granted an interview. Metro-North may also require the applicant to undergo a physical ability test, and, if the Company extends a conditional offer, may require him or her to undergo a medical examination, which may include toxicological testing.

For applicants who are current employees, you must be in active service and have worked in your present position for at least one (1) year to be eligible to apply for a posted position, and have completed the agreed upon formal training commitment, plus on-the-job training, if applicable (for example: Signal Trainee, Foreman-In-Training, etc.) in order to be eligible to transfer. If you are transferred, you may be required to forfeit your seniority in your present occupation. In addition, Metro-North employees are subjected to an internal investigation, which includes an evaluation of their safety and discipline records and their performance assessments.
As an employee of Metro-North Railroad you may be required to complete a New York State financial disclosure statement, if you earn more than $91,821.00 or if you hold a position designated as a policy maker.

We offer a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package. To Apply Online, Please Visit: Click on Metro-North Railroad, Select "Agree," then Search by Job Title. MTA Metro-North Railroad is an Equal Opportunity Employer Category: Engineering , Keywords: Construction Engineer