Lead Software Engineer

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Posted On: 2017-10-20 11:00:00

<span><B>Lead Software Engineer</B><br>As a software development engineer we expect that you are awesome at the following&hellip;<br>&bull; Have a passion for writing great code and making sure it is of high quality<br>&bull; Know deeply and understand the best practices for software development<br>&bull; Skilled at .Net and C# <br>&bull; Have a passion to ship software and complete tasks<br>&nbsp;<br><B>Qualifications</B><br>&bull; Strong understanding and experience with software design and architecture patterns<br>&bull; Experienced designing distributed, high performance, mission critical systems<br>&bull; Experienced working in an existing code base making strategic changes without rewriting the complete solution.<br>&bull; Experienced leading technical teams through complex designs and algorithms &ndash; making strategic tradeoffs to meet business needs. <br>&bull; A solid grounding in fundamental concepts like data structures, algorithms, complexity analysis and secure coding practices &ndash; previous programming experience is required (C# and .Net)<br>&bull; Demonstrated ability to be a team player as well as an independent contributor on the assigned team, striving to reach highest standards of software engineering every day<br>&bull; Outstanding communication skills (verbal and written) and an ability to communicate with internal and external customers at all levels, including management/non-technical audiences<br>Experience with Agile software development techniques and practices are a plus, especially Scrum, pair programming and TDD. <br>&nbsp;<br><B>Team Info</B><br>We have committed publicly to investing significantly in its online business over the next 5 years. &nbsp;Because of this we are investing many of our resources on solutions that won&rsquo;t be ready for 1, 3 or even 5 years. &nbsp;While that&rsquo;s all good, if we can&rsquo;t keep our existing customers happy in the interim it won&rsquo;t matter what&rsquo;s delivered next year or beyond. &nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>We are growing tremendously year over year and because of this we have challenging growth problems. &nbsp;As this exponential growth occurs systems that were designed to manage our business haven&rsquo;t been able to keep up so my team is responsible for making strategic investments in our existing systems to reduce processing time, make our applications more fault tolerant and provide better error reporting when something does go wrong. &nbsp;We refer to my team as &ldquo;Team Six&rdquo;, sort of like Seal Team Six because we&rsquo;re called on to tackle some of the most difficult problems when we can&rsquo;t afford to fail.<br>&nbsp;<br>We practice Agile SDLC using Scrum, paired programming, and TDD among other practices.<br></span>