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At AstraZeneca, we work together across global boundaries to make an impact and find answers to challenges. We do this with the upmost integrity even in the most difficult situations because we are committed to doing the right thing. We continuously forge partnerships that help pursue world-class medicines in new ways, combining our peoples exceptional skills with those of people from all over the globe!

We pride ourselves on making sure that each decision we make puts patient needs first! This mentality means that our people have permission to take the more unusual path. If they can think of a better, smarter way in which we can change lives through science, at we want to hear it.

The Systems Modeling Expert is a scientific job which works closely with the DMPK, Toxicologist, Translational Scientist, Clinical Pharmacologist and clinical teams to create clinical pharmacology development program to provide differentiated medicine and the right dose to patients. You will report to the Global Head of Systems Medicine group within Dept of Clinical Pharmacology & Quantitative Pharmacology. The Systems Medicine group currently has about 20 scientists with strong background in mathematical/statistical modeling. We use quantitative systems pharmacology or toxicology (QSP/QST) modeling approaches and model-based meta-analysis (MBMA) approaches to improve probability of drug development success by facilitating study design decisions and study result interpretation for Go/NG decisions and regularoty filings.

The System Modeling Expert will apply state-of-the-art QSP/QST modeling and MBMA approaches to contribute to development of various cell therapy modalities and antibody-drug conjugates by influencing study designs and internal/external decision making at the project level. You will support global initiatives to apply systems modeling approaches. The incumbent will work closely with project colleagues to ensure appropriate implementation of systems medicine and clinical pharmacology programs based on model based drug development (MBDD).

  • Accountable for planning and executing state-of-the-art systems medicine applications with direct value on specific projects including Go/NG decision making
  • Accountable for expert data integration, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of systems medicine results at internal (project/governance) and external interactions (investigatormeeting/conference/healthauthorities)
  • --Contribution to the identification and development of drug-disease models and other modelling approaches to support internal and external decision making in collaboration with internal and external partners
  • Contribute to internal initiatives to develop the systems medicine discipline and its processes
  • Participation in and accountability for peer review of ongoing activities, reports and presentations
  • Supervision of systems medicine and/or MBMA work performed by external contractors and junior modelers, graduate students and post-doc
  • Compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) regulations as well as internal/external guidances

    Education and Experience Required:

    • PhD degree in Biomedical/Chemical Engineering, Mathematical/Computational Biology, Pharmacometrics and/or relevant subjects with numerical modeling training
    • Demonstrated broad translational development expertise and experience exemplified by at least 3 Years of drug development experience with emphasis on Systems Medicine (Systems Pharmacology & Toxicology)
    • Experiences in quantitative systems modeling
    • Good understanding in pharmacology and toxicology

      Essential Skills/Abilities:

      • Expert knowledge of quantitative systems pharmacology/toxicology modeling and Model-Informed Drug Development (MIDD)
      • --Expert knowledge in pharmacology/toxicology, drug targets and core disease areas, oncology experience (ADC, cell therapy)
      • Experience with relevant software and tools within the field of MIDD
      • Demonstrated broad translational development expertise and experience
      • --Demonstrated ability to identify, develop and execute systems medicine activities at a project level
      • --Good oral and written communication skills
      • --Relevant regulatory experience (written)
      • --International scientific reputation gained from scientific publishing in the field of systems modeling
      • Experience in early stage drug development
      • Good leadership capabilities, in particular

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