Student Supervisor of Leadership for Clubs

Brigham Young University Hawaii

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Job location: BYU-Hawaii Employment Type: Part-time Posted data: 2020-07-22 Req: R0012524 If you currently have a job on campus, please use the internal job board.NOTE: You can only have 5 open student applications at a time.Position: Student Supervisor, Club Leadership Team.Max Head Count: 1Skill Level: HighResponsibility: SupervisorDepartment: SLS (Student Leadership & Service)Dept Acct#: 20-362400Reports To: Jacquie Alisa, CoordinatorDepartment Manager: Alison Whiting, Director (SLS)Date Prepared: May 12, 2017Standard Hours: 19Location: Aloha Center Room 131Date Revised: July 17, 2020Job Description SummaryA Club Leadership Team (CLT) Supervisor ensures that Club programs in their stewardship provide wholesome, uplifting, and diverse leadership opportunities to broaden BYU-Hawaii student's comprehension and appreciation for cultures and interests. This position reports to the CLT Manager and fulfills assignments in a team environment. The goal of this position is the successful operation of Clubs Campus Wide and Community Events while developing student leaders through the process of supervising, advising, training, and mediating their Club activities and relationships.Duties and ResponsibilitiesReports to the Clubs Leadership Team (CLT) Manager.Supports the CLT Manager in his/her duties and completes delegated assignments.Regularly engages in 1-1 stewardship and team counseling sessions. This usually happens once a week for each session.Engages in a weekly 358R Leadership class for Club Presidents during each semester.Trains, mentors, and mediates student club officers who volunteer to lead Club programs and initiatives.Establishes and maintains relationships of trust within the CLT and with all Club presidencies.Liaison between University departments and the clubs executing activities and supporting initiatives.Tracks and approves all Club activities through Anthology (formerly Campus Labs) Engage for a Club activity/project from inception to completion.Reviews and approves a Club's activity which may include a budget in Anthology (formerly Campus Labs) Engage.Engages in keeping scheduled office hours in the CLT to receive club appointments.Contributes in CLT counseling as required during office scheduled hours.Assists in providing campus leadership development resources to Club officers.Assists in writing, reviewing, and revising Club policies, procedures, and directives for Club activities.Interacts daily with experienced SLS staff members in support of programs and projects for Clubs.Plans, supports, and attends campus-wide events for Clubs, such as Club Fest, Culture Night, and Food Fest.Prepares and distributes surveys for assessments to measure overall programming effectiveness for strategic improvements in Clubs.Performs other tasks as assigned by the CLT Manager and/or the SLS Clubs Coordinator.Qualifications and Experience.Required: 3.0+ GPA and enrolled in 14+ credits per semester and Spring 9+ credits.Demonstrates leadership attributes of: integrity, loyalty, with the ability to direct, supervise, and train people (volunteers, employees, etc.).Proven ability to work effectively and cohesively in a team.Experience in a Club officer position highly preferred.Leadership experience, specifically in overseeing teams to ensure projects are completed.Experience multi-tasking while recognizing and practicing the value of time management.Experience in project management, proposals, data assessments, and evaluations.Experience managing large and small scale activities that may receive a crowd of 10- 5000 people.Experience conducting 1-1 and collective team counseling sessions.Experience in an office setting with a high level of organization skills.Strong understanding and skills of Microsoft Office specifically Word, Teams (or other word processing software), Excel, and Power Point.Experienced customer service skills.Excellent English verbal and written skills while communicating in BYU-Hawaii emails, group counseling sessions, and/or social media channels.Lives and engages in the University's functions and servant leadership mission.Abides and lives by the Honor Code, mission, and vision of BYU-Hawaii Campus and the SLS department.DesiredPreviously completed 2 consecutive semesters on campus.Good understanding of campus administration, processes, & personnel.Experience working with a budget.Previous leadership experience in a student Club presidency or leadership team.Previous experience with public speaking and presentation skills.Completion of lead like the Savior training Program.Familiar with Anthology (formerly Campus Labs) Engage.Significant event planning and organizational skills (1+ years).Preference for candidates who are able to commit 1 year or more withDress and Grooming StandardsEmployee abides by BYU-Hawaii Dress and Grooming Standards. He/she is expected to dress appropriately for the position. No grubby wear! Casual business attire unless expressedotherwise by SLS Leaders.This person should be living a life conducive to being one with the University's Honor Code.Commitment DateStudent employee agrees to a minimum period of employment, as determined by the employer, based upon the department needs.The student employee is expected to give a semester's notice prior to leaving.This position cannot be absent for more than 2 weeks unless approved for an exception. This position is a temporary one year position; effective the date of hire, yet contingent on job performance evaluation it may continue. The position may re-open following the completion of a year for other eligible applicants. SLS Management reserves the right to make exceptions to this rule.Learning OutcomesResult in developing good work habits, learning accountability and responsibility, taking pride in work outcome, leadership development and specific experiences which supplement training in the student's overall academic experience. The specific learning outcomes for this position are:1. Learn- to be an effective administrator and create better communication lines within the department and with student clubs;2. Lead- become a servant leader through strengthening relationships by practicing Christ-like attributes;3. Build- exercise righteous action to build a legacy of trust within the SLS department, the administration, and the student body.Employees Directly SupervisedNAEmployees supervised indirectly10-500 volunteersDisclaimerThis job description may not comprise all duties required to be performed by the employee. SLS Administration reserves the right to change, edit or delete information in the jobdescription at will.