Director of Health Services


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Posted On: 2020-03-27 00:00:00

We're looking for a candidate to fill this position in an exciting company.
  • Operation of oxygen equipment including turning off and on, changing cylinder heads, cleaning/replacing humidifier, and others as necessary.
  • Operation of suction machine (oral) including cleaning, selection of appropriates suction catheter, and storage.
  • Operation and use of manual respirator.
  • Location and use of emergency equipment supplies (box and/or crash cart etc.)
  • Operation of whirlpool.
  • Operation of scales.
  • Operation of glucose monitoring devices, calibration, and cleaning etc.
  • Use of electronic thermometers (oral/rectal and ear)
  • Delivery of medications (setting up, rotating, charting, ordering, giving to patient etc.)
  • Ordering and use of stock drugs.
  • 1Administration and documentation of insulin.
  • Use and delivery of PRN medications.
  • Use and delivery of topical treatment application (eye, ear, nose etc.)
  • Use delivery and documentation of narcotic medication.
  • Knowledge of procedures for receiving drugs from pharmacy.
  • Application of sterile dressings.
  • Operation and proper use of pressure reduction surfaces.
  • Use of oral airway
  • Knowledge of isolation procedures (when to implement etc.)
  • Knowledge of location and proper use of personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, gowns and aprons etc.)
  • Delivery of enemas (S & S, and fleets)
  • Insertion, irrigation and routine care of male/female catheters.
  • Delivery of tube feedings (insertion, flushing, proper amounts etc.)
  • Knowledge of procedures and ability to determine Advance Directive status for patients.
    • Nursing Degree from an accredited college or university, or is a graduate of an accredited/approved RN program
    • A minimum, two (2) years' experience in a supervisory capacity in a hospital or long-term care facility.Possess education, training, and/or experience in one of the following: rehabilitative nursing, geriatric nursing and/or psychosocial nursing.
    • Current and unrestricted Registered Nurse (RN) licensure in state of practice
    • Training experience in rehabilitative and restorative nursing practices preferred