Assistant Attorney

City of Atlanta

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Posted On: 2020-02-15 00:00:00

General Description and Classification Standards-- --Individuals at this level provide prosecutorial services on cases filed and heard in the Atlanta Municipal Court. Responsibilities include but are not limited-- to prosecuting cases, conducting preliminary hearing, collecting evidence, preparing documents, researching legal issues cases, responding to discovery request, and plea negotiations for traffic, criminal, code and civil offenses on behalf of law enforcement, city agencies, and the general public. Attorneys also handle all direct appeals arising from the Atlanta Municipal Court to the Superior Courts of Fulton or DeKalb Counties, the Georgia Court of Appeals, and the Georgia Supreme Court. --This position partners with code enforcement officers, Neighborhood Planning Units (NPU), City Council, and other city departments to address blight and other issues and concerns on behalf of City and citizens of Atlanta. Supervision Received Works under general supervision. Essential Duties & Responsibilities ------------ These are typical responsibilities for this position and should not be construed as--exclusive or all inclusive.-- May perform other duties as assigned. Reports to court daily and interacts with internal and external customers, always mindful to be courteous and respectful.Performs trial work and prosecutes traffic, criminal, DUI, code and civil cases. Conducts preliminary hearings to determine probable cause. Manages the development of cases to include screening, investigating and prosecution.Collects and analyzes, evidence and the review of pertinent case law, statutes and other legal documents. Attends and works with police zones, Neighborhood Planning Units (NPU's), neighborhood association meetings, community cleanups, police and city department details, and special neighborhood events. Demonstrates proficiency operating computers and utilizing the case management systems, required to perform the duties assigned.Interacts with internal and external customers and is familiar with the various programs , offices-- and their functions within the department and the court. Provides effective customer service, communication and interpersonal techniques regarding interaction with management, coworkers, relevant departments, court staff and the general public, always mindful to be courteous and respectfulMay perform other duties as assigned by Solicitor. Decision Making Decisions are made with review and advice from Solicitor's designee or a senior level attorney. Leadership Provided Utilize analytical skills to think strategically to promote positive team behavior. Knowledge, Skills & Abilities This is a partial listing of necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the job--successfully.-- It is not an exhaustive list. Must be a quick thinker, read people well, and react quickly, have excellent speaking skills, excellent research and writing skills required; ability to read, analyze and interpret legal documents; ability to respond to inquiries or complaints from the general public, other governmental agencies, law enforcement, and other attorneys; ability to manage heavy case-loads in a demanding and challenging courtroom, --compile, organize, prepare and maintain an assortment of records, reports and information in an effective manner and according to departmental and/or governmental regulations; ability to utilize and understand computer applications and techniques as necessary in the completion of daily assignments; ability to plan, organize and prioritize daily assignments and work activities. Capable of working under stress related to duties that require constant attention to detail, tight deadlines and prosecution in the courtroom; ability to dispense justice and maintain discretion and understanding; ability to follow directions and instructions of senior staff members to ensure the desired goals are met successfully. -- Qualifications Minimum Qualifications - Education and Experience Juris Doctorate required Preferred Education & Experience Juris Doctorate with one year of legal experience is preferred Licensures and Certifications. Have and maintain Valid State Bar License of Georgia and other certifications required for the position. Essential Capabilities and Work Environment -- Required physical, lifting, and sensory capabilities are requirements to perform the job successfully. Typical environmental conditions associated with--job Physical DemandsMust be able to successfully perform the primary job duties and responsibilitiesPhysical and Lifting Capabilities Standing:--Frequently (Less than 1/3 of work time) Walking:--Frequently (Less than 1/3 of work time) Sitting:--Frequently (1/3 to 2/3 of work time) Climbing or Balancing:--Frequently (Less than 1/3 of work time) Stooping or Kneeling:-- Occasionally (Less than 1/3 of work time) Crouching or Crawling:--None or Occasionally (Less than 1/3 of work time) Reaching / working overhead:--Frequently (Less than 1/3 of work time) Use of stairs or ladders:--Frequently (Less than 1/3 of work time) Lifting - Up to 20 pounds:--Frequently (Less than 1/3 of work time) Lifting - Up to 50 pounds:--None or Occasionally (Less than 1/3 of work time) Lifting - Up to 100 pounds:--None or Occasionally (Less than 1/3 of work time) Lifting - Over 100 pounds:--None or Occasionally (Less than 1/3 of work time)

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