Executive, DC (2 years relevant experience)

Brunswick Group

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Posted On: 2020-02-15 00:00:00

Responsibilities may include but are not limited to: Client Contribution & Handling - Deliver high quality work; provide strong support to teams - Draft, proofread and edit press releases, memos, presentations and other documents created for clients; exhibit exemplary attention to detail - Provide research and analysis on media coverage, relevant trends and events -Demonstrate interest in clients--- business; identify and analyze news articles regarding industry trends - Effectively handle the logistics around media meetings, announcement days and other client events Communication Skills - Prepare well-written, organized and thoughtful documents and correspondence - Express a point of view in a thoughtful manner; able to analyze and distill complex information - Use good judgment in deciding what information should be shared and what should not; exercise discretion Teams - Willingly assume and actively pursue additional responsibility and role on the team; take initiative - Keep colleagues informed of project status; develop action plans/meeting notes as appropriate Continuous Learner - Demonstrate curiosity and awareness of current and relevant global issues - Actively seek out or accepts assignments that represent learning opportunities and provide professional growth - Willingly accept suggestions for improvement; seek feedback and constructive criticism - Attend and engage in internal learning opportunities and training sessions