Quality Analyst

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Posted On: 2020-02-15 00:00:00

Location: 440 N. Campbell - Springfield, MO Position_Overview World Wide Technology, Application Services has an opportunity for a talented and dedicated person to fill the role of Quality Analyst. This person works as part of a team to deliver software that is fit for purpose. The Quality Analyst works closely with other team members to build quality, through the following responsibilities: * Keep the team and stakeholders informed of a holistic view of the product's quality. * Elicit examples that act as or clarify acceptance criteria. * Encourage collaboration and discussion about doing better testing within the team. * Help developers plan and build automated checks at the right levels of the system to provide the optimal return of feedback to cost of ownership of the test suite. * Evaluate the product's fitness for purpose by learning about it through exploratory testing and experimentation to complement automated checks. * Work with stakeholders to determine which features and defect fixes are critical to the end user and business. * Work with stakeholders to identify reasonable quality goals based on product needs. * Work with the team to improve processes to ensure that the team meets those quality goals. * Measure how closely the product meets the quality goals set forth by the stakeholders, including risk as it applies to the quality of the product. * Carry out root-cause analysis of defects when they occur. * Partner with everyone from the product owner to operations to help ensure that everyone is working towards the goal of delivering a quality working product into production. * Pair with developers to write clean and maintainable test code. * Ask questions and challenge others to consider the consequences of design decisions. * The_Following_Knowledge_Skills_And_Attributes_Are_Required * A minimum of 2 years' experience with quality assurance and testing of software applications. * Understanding and knowledge of quality assurance processes and methods used in software development. * Team oriented and possess strong interpersonal communication skills. * A strong desire to learn and be self-motivated in pursuit of new skills and understanding of software design and quality engineering. * Comfortable with different platforms such as; websites, mobile apps, and backend API * Knowledge of and ability to apply the concept of the test pyramid * Experience using technologies for detecting and tracking software defects. * Minimal travel required. * The_Following_Knowledge_Skills_And_Attributes_Are_Strongly_Preferred * Working knowledge of and/or experience with Agile methodologies * Some experience with a programming language (C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Swift, etc.), along with ancillary technologies (e.g., HTML, CSS, SQL, Agile methodologies, load testing tools, Git, Postman, Chrome Dev Tools, Fiddler, Casper, Gremlins, Ava, JMeter, Gatling, Artillery, Tsung, Funkload, Restlet Client, and others) * Experience testing native mobile applications on Android or iOS * Experience with automated user acceptance testing frameworks on multiple platforms * Additional_Requirements * Possesses a high level of Integrity.Acts ethically and is above reproach. Builds trust through their honesty, reliability, and authenticity. Possesses a strong concern for the needs of his/her colleagues. Takes tough principled stands even if they are unpopular. Meets commitments and keeps promises. * Demonstrates Self-control. Manages his/her impulsive feelings and distressing emotions and operates without any personal agenda. Stays composed, positive and unflappable even in trying moments. Thinks clearly and stays composed and focused under pressure. * Must be Flexible. Smoothly handles multiple demands, shifting priorities and rapid change. Can work collaboratively to get things done. Proactively seeks the advice and suggestions of peers, subordinates, and superiors. Adapts strategies and tactics to fit fluid circumstances. Is flexible in how he/she sees events. * Is Optimistic. Demonstrates a positive mental attitude. Persists in seeking goals despite obstacles and setbacks. Operates from a hope of success rather than a fear of failure. Sees setbacks as due to manageable circumstances rather than a personal flaw. * ContinuouslyDevelops Others. Committed to the continuous process of education and development of self and colleagues. Acknowledges people's strengths and accomplishments. Offers useful feedback and helps to identify others' needs for future growth and improvement. Mentors and gives timely coaching that fosters an individual's skills. * Able to Intuitively Understand the way people think and work. Understands the forces that shape views and actions of clients, customers, or competitors. Accurately reads an organizational and external reality. * ModelsLeadershipqualities. Articulates and arouses enthusiasm for a shared vision and mission. Leads by example. * Is a catalyst for Change. Recognizes the need for change and removes barriers. Challenges the status quo to acknowledge the need for change. Champions the change and enlists others in its pursuit. * FostersExcellence in Communication. Is effective in give-and-take, registering emotional cues in attuning their message. Deals with difficult issues straightforwardly. Listens well; seeks mutual understanding and welcomes the sharing of information fully. Fosters open communication and stays receptive to bad news as well as good.

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