Student Support Compliance Manager 2019-2020 SY


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Posted On: 2019-10-10

ORGANIZATIONAL OVERVIEW:Students deserve to attend high-quality schools that provide rigorous instruction, a safe learning environment, and experiences that will best prepare them for a myriad of career and life opportunities. Yet, thousands more across the District of Columbia have limited access to quality educational options - and it doesn't have to be that way. At KIPP DC, each day we see thousands of students arrive to school at KIPP DC ready to learn and grow. We aspire to improve life outcomes for the next generation of Washingtonians by equipping students and alumni with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets to become thoughtful, intentional citizens in the competitive world and lead successful lives full of choice and opportunity. POSITION OVERVIEW:The Compliance Manager, Student Support Services will be primarily based at one of our KIPP DC campuses. This position will be responsible for maintaining documentation and managing matters related to compliance with a full spectrum of federal and state requirements at the campus and school level. This position will also assist in sustaining policies and systems that ensure KIPP DC's overall compliance with student support services regulations, working closely with our Student Support Services staff and school leaders. The Compliance Manager will report to the Director of Student Support Compliance and Policy.RESPONSIBILITIES:
  • Drive Compliance:
    • Ensure student support services staff abide by IDEA and local regulations
    • Oversee compliance of student support services files
    • Own scheduling and holding IEP, SEP, BIP, and Eligibility meetings in a timely manner
    • Maintain SEDS and PowerSchool school databases
    • Support and train case managers to gather and analyze data (assessments, grades, observations, teacher comments, etc.) prior to requesting evaluations and input information into SEDS
    • Support case managers with necessary paperwork and collecting data for LRE and dedicated aides requests
    • Work closely with school psychologists and other related service providers to ensure assessments are completed in a timely manner
    • Coordinate the implementation of accommodations on state and local testing in collaboration with school teams
    • Consult with IEP teams to determine whether to proceed with the LRE process for placement and dedicated aide concerns, as needed
    • Collaborate with the case manager and Director on due process actions
    • Serve as a liaison between KIPP DC and attorneys representing students with disabilities
    • Ensure clinicians providing Medicaid-reimbursable services log service notes correctly and timely respond to Random Moment In Time Surveys (RMTS)
    • Coordinate the dissemination and collection of Medicaid related documents to parents and other stakeholders
    • Coordinate the alternate assessment for students with disabilities
    • Oversee related services delivery services weekly and monthly to report to Director
    • Provide technical support and training on the SEDS system to staff (including case managers and related service providers)
    • Provide technical assistance to staff members in order to comply with the ADA and Section 504. Attend 504 meetings as needed

    • Chair Multidisciplinary Team (MDT):
      • Serve as the LEA Representative in all MDT meetings at their campus
      • Support case managers and/or chairs complex cases, including those with legal representation, as needed
      • Take comprehensive meeting notes and/or monitors notes taken by case managers; records dissenting opinions
      • Receive and review monthly reports on the status of outstanding evaluations, attendance, and discipline
      • Ensure that case managers have the proper paperwork for meetings and that the follow-through after the meeting is completed timely and efficiently

      • Ensure Academic Progress:
        • Promote integrated service delivery in inclusion classes and resource settings
        • Ensure IEPs are compliant with federal and district regulations, goals are standards based and relevant for the individual student, and present levels of performance are appropriate and current.
        • Facilitate data-based discussions to help the MDT design IEPs to best support student growth
        • Collaborate with general education teams to develop intervention plans for selected students
        • Collaborate with Social Workers and the MDT to develop data-driven Behavior Intervention Plans
        • Conduct educational assessments on as-needed basis

        • Perform other related duties, as assigned:
          • Serve as the face of the student support team at your campus to all parents, school leaders, staff, and community members
          • Distribute weekly memos to school teams and facilitate department meetings when needed
          • Facilitate small group and whole staff professional development on an as needed basis
          • Attend professional development workshops, conferences, and meetings to stay abreast of current topics in student support services
          • Manage small and large scale projects as assigned by the Director of Student Support Compliance and Policy
          • Serve as a full-time and engaged member of KIPP DC's staff, including activities like attendance to teacher/staff meetings, accompanying students on field lessons, assisting with student recruitment and enrichment activities, and working with other staff members to ensure fulfillment of KIPP DC's mission.

            • Bachelor's degree (required)
            • Experience as a special education teacher or district level special education support staff(required)
            • Meet all state and federal guidelines in order to be fully licensed and "Highly Qualified" (required)
            • Excellent oral and written communicator(required)
            • Analytic, problem solving mindset (required)
            • Commitment to working with underserved students (required)
            • Experience teaching in an urban school (preferred)
            • Experience in implementing reading remediation programs (preferred)
            • Certified in Special Education (recommended)

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